MADRE, 2018—ongoing

Photographs and book

"A Bette Davis, Gena Rowlands,

Romy Schneider…

A todas las actrices

que han hecho de actrices,

a todas las mujeres que actúan,

a los hombres que actúan 

y se convierten en mujeres,

a todas las personas 

que quieren ser madres.

A mi madre."

Pedro Almodóvar,

Todo Sobre Mi Madre, 1999

"This project is for all those people

who want to be mothers. 

Based on my personal upbringing and shot in Lima and Mexico City between 2018 and 2019, «Madre» is an extensive and complex love letter to Latin American women. 

It gifted me the urge to educate myself

and start a political discourse through

the medium of photography. 

I had seen the open, bleeding wounds

of the patriarchy where I was looking

for the matriarchy. However, the female universe I was seeking does exist and intrepidly faces the kind of hardship

that I, a privileged, European white

woman have never experienced.

I have met working mothers, housewives, single mothers, childless women, tender nurturers, sisters, true matriarchs, queer women, trans women, sex workers, elderly women, adolescents,

black, white, mestiza, indigenous women, rich women, poor women, people who

fight their own battles far from any kind

of stereotype.

I hardly ever knew whether they were oppressed or emancipated or about the level of satisfaction with their lives.

It was just not the point.

The woman that I photograph is neither the literary, invincible matriarch of «Cien Años de Soledad» nor the radical feminist, it is a woman just the way she is, where she is.

I let our exchange, as brief as it can be, speak for itself."

6x7 and 35mm color film, scanned.

©2019 Giulia Fumagalli